Construction Data, and Document Management

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DADO gives every construction professional an easy way to instantly search the latest Specifications, Submittals, Drawings, Building Codes and more – just by speaking or typing into any device – think of it as a custom search engine for your construction project.

What are you looking for?

Hate Digging Through Folders?

One of the biggest challenges with finding information today is the sheer time and energy wasted by clicking through an endless folder structure - especially if you have a folder called “Approved Set”, another folder called “Current Set”, and another folder called “Latest Set”.

Feeling Buried By Document Overload?

Are you struggling to keep up to date when it seems like 100’s of new documents are being added and updated each week? Are you spending evenings and weekends to keep afloat?

Wasting critical time looking for information?

Are you spending more than an hour a day hunting for information, or waiting on someone to get back to you? Are schedules at risk of slipping, because you or your crew are unsure?

Try DADO for smarter construction data, and construction document management

More building. Less digging.

Are you tired of digging for Shop Drawings, Construction Specifications, Project Documents, and Submittals?
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